Notable Supporters

San Clemente Military Family Outreach Supporters

General John K. Davis - former Assistant Commandant, US Marine Corps

"Please join us in supporting this noble cause."

Pete Wilson - Former Governor of California

"Your truly admirable organization recognizes the enormous debt of gratitude which all Americans owe to our active-duty military personnel and their families. As a former Marine myself, and as a past chair of the US Senate Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee responsible for the welfare of military families, I have a personal appreciation and gratitude for the role you are playing."

Wayne Eggleston - former San Clemente mayor

"SCMFO is absolutely the best. They pour their heart out every year and they are very dedicated."

Grant Award from Carrington Charitable Foundation, December 2012

"CFF recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and we are impressed by your commitment to support military families in need by providing compassionate help to bridge the gap and provide for their immediate needs."


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