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For Military Families Seeking Help

What to Do:

Call the Assistance Line


An intake person will call you back. Help is on the way.

Where to Go:

Visit the SCMFO office:

St. Andrew's By-the-Sea United Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall
2001 Calle Frontera
San Clemente, CA 92673

More Details

For Military Families Seeking Help

When an SCMFO intake person receives a call, the outreach identifies the immediate need and coordinates with other service organizations to implement a plan of action. Nearly all cases are channeled first to Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, who will set up a family budget and can grant interest-free loans to those who can afford to repay.

Applicants who are at a critical stage or cannot qualify for other assistance, find a lifeline with SCMFO. "When families endure financial hardship due to unexpected circumstances, something has to be done quickly." said a former SCMFO chairperson. "Fortunately, we try to stay ahead of the curve but could never meet all the needs without the close partnership with Orange County businesses, civic organizations. and a lot of dedicated individuals."

After you make the call to 949-388-2812 and leave a message, a volunteer will call back and get necessary information or schedule an interview at the SCMFO office at 2001 Calle Frontera. (That's on the hill across Pico from the San Clemente High School.) Your interview is not a grilling. It is a non-threatening discussion about what the needs are, and how we --and our partnering friends-- may help you put things back in order. It is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible, including children's ages, health, shoe and clothing sizes, etc. A military I.D. is required. If assistance is provided, a time limit may be set on when you can reapply.

Additional Help

Dogs on Deployment

This nonprofit finds homes for pets when their owners are on deployment. An online network provides connections with animal activists and dog lovers who can take care of your pet while you're away.

San Clemente Domestic Violence Task Force Legal Information
(949) 324-8438

A legal information line is now open to San Clemente and military families on and off base to report and resolve domestic violence issues. A volunteer attorney answers calls and provides information regarding legal options, restraining orders and referrrals.

Domestic Animal Control & Adoption Program
(760) 725-8120

Area 25, Building 25132
Open to the public: Thurs-Sun 10 AM -5 PM
Open by appointment: Mon-Wed 10 AM-3 PM

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