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The organization that is now San Clemente Military Family Outreach began in 2002 as "Friends of San Onofre Marines" (FOSOM) . It was founded by a career military officer, Marine Lt. Col William McReynolds and his wife, Sidonia.

McReynolds retired after a colorful career which included serving in World War II in the Pacific with the 11th Marines and duty as a regimental officer at Iwo Jima during that historic battle. He also served in the Korean conflict and was Battalion Commander of 4/11, 1st Marine Division during the Inchon landing, recapture of Seoul and Chosin Reservoir campaign. He and his wife formed the FOSOM organization as a permanent volunteer group to provide emergency services to struggling military families, particularly those of deployed Marines.

The McReynolds guided FOSOM for five years until they retired and San Clemente Military Family Outreach (SCMFO) was formed in 2008. It was without a home until space was granted by St. Andrews By the Sea United Methodist Church. It has continued to grow and has enjoyed a very positive and cooperative relationship with the Camp Pendleton military base, social agencies, businesses, churches and service clubs throughout south Orange County as well as a dedicated corps of individuals.


San Clemente Military Family Outreach is operated as one of the funds of St. Andrews By-the-Sea United Methodist Church, a well established and respected non profit. Tax ID # 95-240-2620. All operations are conducted under sound accounting practices and Board meetings of the Outreach are open to the public. SCMFO functions with a 9-member Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

  • Clark Lashmett, President

  • Judy Franz, Vice President

  • Janet Prideaux, Treasurer

  • Tina Inglish, Secretary

  • Marian Fournier, Intake and Services Coordinator

  • Carol Whiteside, Data Manager

  • Mary Jayne Bellamy, Event Support

  • Arika Ferguson, MCB Camp Pendleton Liaison

  • Kathleen Morea, Board Member

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